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Vote for the new North Shore Gas ambassadog for safe digging

Dogs love to dig, but people need to be reminded to call JULIE at 811 to make sure that digging is safe for them, their pets, and the natural gas and other utility lines near their home.

North Shore Gas needs your help selecting a safe digging Ambassadog in its annual Doggone it! photo contest. 

This year’s furry finalists: 

• Bandit hides his bones in holes when he thinks no one is watching. Daisy enjoys catching the waves and digging sand forts in the sun. 

• Ava likes the thrill of the hunt – chasing critters and digging to find out where they go. 

• Lyla is a rescue dog from Texas. She couldn't be more proud of the Texas-size hole she made – so naughty! 

• Toby likes to dig up what his parents put down. His latest trick is tossing out hostas in the backyard.

• Bugsy prefers a backyard with mud, mulch, and lots of holes.Unfortunately, this pup’s parents do not. 

• Bucks and Vita like long walks and fresh dirt for digging.

• Maple goes the distance. She is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever who loves digging holes so much she puts her head inside to explore further.

• Puffball inspects the work of others before digging in. He likes to be king of the hill. 

Now it’s your turn to vote at You can vote as many times as you like between now and Aug. 5. 

The winner will be featured in a North Shore Gas campaign to raise awareness about the importance of safe digging before yardwork, construction and gardening. When you call JULIE at 811, you will learn whether natural gas lines or other underground infrastructure are located where you plan to dig. The 811 safety message is especially important this year with more people staying home and spending extra time working in their yards during the pandemic. 

The winner will also receive a gift certificate from Bentley’s Pet Stuff. 

The new Ambassadog will be revealed on Aug. 11. That’s 8/11 – the number to call to find out if it is safe to dig! Stay tuned for safety! 

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