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LETTER: Appreciation for Lake Zurich food pantry

To the editor:

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the volunteer efforts and mission of the food pantry in Lake Zurich.

During a time of such uncertainty and crisis, the volunteers at our local pantry have inspiringly shown that together as a community, anything is possible. It was humbling to see community leaders putting others first in moments of need, and members of the community donating their supplies and time.

I also am writing to applaud the efforts of the Rev. Chris Bos, who has been instrumental in organizing a community effort to support and donate to food pantries around the Lake Zurich, Libertyville and Mundelein area. Pastor Bos has exemplified what it means to be a community leader during times of need, and the way that he has put his community before his own personal agenda has been inspiring.

Now more than ever, our community must come together to provide the necessary assistance to families in need. We cannot cure COVID-19 through donations or volunteering, but we can surely do our part to support our community, and get through this together. COVID-19 may prevent us from living normally for now, but it will never take away our spirit to cause positive change in negative times.

Jan Porwisz

Lake Zurich

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