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Lake County Sheriff’s Office joins Neighbors App by Ring

WAUKEGAN – The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has announced a new partnership with Ring to help protect the Lake County community.

Sheriff John Idleburg this month authorized an agreement with Ring, which will assist sheriff’s deputies and detectives in solving crimes with the community’s assistance. 

The partnership will not allow unapproved access to any videos recorded by the community’s Ring device, according to a news release. Nor does it allow sheriff’s staff to see who owns a Ring device. Sheriff’s personnel will never be able to see a “live view” from the community’s Ring devices. Instead, when sheriff’s staff believes a crime may have been captured on a Ring device, sheriff’s personnel can send a message to members of the community in a specific geographical region via the Neighbors App by Ring. The community then can determine if their device captured anything relevant. Camera owners have the choice to share the video with the sheriff’s office or they can decline the request. Ring customers also have the option to decline receiving messages from the sheriff’s office.

The partnership will aid criminal investigators in capturing criminal acts being committed, the faces of suspects involved in criminal acts, and vehicles used to commit a crime. Additionally, it gives the sheriff’s office and the community another platform to be able to have back-and-forth dialogue. 

“Anytime we can utilize a new platform to communicate and work with the community on solving crimes, it’s a win for everyone,” Idleburg said in a news release. “Video technology is everywhere and can be extremely useful in holding thieves and other criminals accountable for victimizing others. We are excited to work with Ring and our residents on the Neighbors App on this nonintrusive collaborative approach to helping solve crime.”  

The Neighbors App is available for free on iOS, Android and FireOS devices, and residents can visit to download it.

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