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TSC selects Instructor of the Quarter

Training Support Center’s Instructor of the third quarter 2012 FC1(SW) Joel Ellis teaches students during a student Indoctrination class.
Training Support Center’s Instructor of the third quarter 2012 FC1(SW) Joel Ellis teaches students during a student Indoctrination class.

Training Support Center (TSC), Great Lakes, honored its 2012 Instructor of the Quarter (IOQ) for the third quarter during an award ceremony Oct. 18.
    Navy Military Training Instructor (NMTI) FC1(SW) Joel Ellis was selected.
    “It is an honor to have been selected. As instructors, we set the example for our new sailors, and we are the positive role models for them to emulate,” Ellis said. The goal of a Navy military training instructor is a vital one. Our goal is to ensure that when our sailors transit to the fleet, that they are motivated, focused, and prepared to meet any challenges, whether they are personal or professional, head-on.”
    Born in Selma, Ala., Ellis was surrounded by family members who served in the military, who contributed heavily to his decision to join the Navy in 1998.
    Now returned to Great Lakes, Ellis is an NMTI and leading petty officer of student indoctrination at TSC where he teaches topics to students such as: Sexual Assault Prevention, Sexual Harassment, Hazing, Fraternization, Navy’s Zero Tolerance Drug Policy, Suicide Prevention, and Responsible Alcohol Use. He also instructs Personal Financial Management Training to the sailors. Student Indoctrination has an average annual throughput of about 13,000 sailors that they teach.
     “Our tasks as Navy military training instructors may seem endless, but we take great comfort and pleasure in knowing that we are having a positive impact on our sailors and that they are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” Ellis said.
    Ellis’ achievements also were recognized earlier this year when he was named TSC’s 2012 Sailor of the Quarter for the second quarter in April.
    “Ellis’ tireless efforts have proven he is the epitome of a motivated sailor here at TSC,” said Mike Bilak, executive director for TSC. “He knows what it takes to succeed in the Navy and he selflessly shares his vast experience and knowledge to our incoming students so they can have a basic foundation of Navy values before heading out to the fleet.”
    In addition to his duties to the Navy, Ellis attends the College of Lake County and studies on weekends taking prerequisite courses to enter into a nursing program for a bachelor’s degree. Ellis’ ultimate goal is to become commissioned as a navy nurse corps officer.
    “It all begins with knowledge. Knowledge is power,” Ellis said. “Whether this knowledge is tacit or explicit, in order for it to be effective, it must be passed onto the next generation. I have been afforded the opportunity to do just that, I am able to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained throughout my years of loyal naval service with our sailors on a daily basis in the form of mentorship.”

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