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United Way raises money to implement 2-1-1 service

United Way of Lake County is engaging local townships to invest in 2-1-1, an information and referral service available 24/7 through phone, chat and email. 

Currently, 94 percent of the United States has an established 2-1-1 program, according to a news release. Illinois has less than 20 percent coverage, with no coverage in Lake County. Implementing 2-1-1 would transform the way Lake County residents access critical information and resources in time of need.

United Way, alongside participating townships, have begun building a coalition of support for 2-1-1.

More than $42,000 has been raised from the following townships: Benton Township, Libertyville Township, Vernon Township, Warren Township, Waukegan Township and West Deerfield Township.

Townships are an essential piece of the health and human services system in Lake County, and United Way is grateful for their support.

In addition to building the township coalition, United Way is working with Lake County government, local businesses and individual donors in the community to fund the launch of 2-1-1. 

United Way is proud to share that it is almost 70 percent funded for year one.

To learn more about bringing 2-1-1 to Lake County and ways to get involved, visit To support the pending launch of 2-1-1, visit

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