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CLC Police Department gets international accreditation

GRAYSLAKE – The College of Lake County Police Department is the nation’s first among two-year colleges with a fully sworn police department to receive initial accreditation from the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.

The credential, which IACLEA announced July 1, recognizes the department’s professionalism, policies, procedures, facilities and equipment, CLC Police Chief Tom Guenther said in a news release.

“I would put this agency and its personnel up against any municipal, county or state law enforcement agency of comparable size and feel confident it would equal or surpass total performance,” said Peg Gant, police accreditation specialist at the University of North Texas and one of the IACLEA auditors who conducted the on-site inspection at CLC in May. “Chief Tom Guenther recognizes that his greatest assets are the personnel who work at the CLC Police Department.”

Accreditation is not mandatory for any police department, but it is a time-proven way of helping organizations evaluate and improve their overall performance, Guenther said.

“It’s a tremendous honor for our department to receive this accreditation,” he said in the release. “It reflects well on the college, especially as many prospective students and their parents consider campus safety as a factor in evaluating a college. We take our jobs very seriously, and I have talented, educated and experienced staff who made accreditation possible.”

During their visit, Gant and another auditor examined CLC’s compliance with 215 standards, including evidence collection and storage procedures, policies, personnel training, police vehicles and the department’s physical infrastructure.

To prepare for the audit, Guenther said his staff spent two and a half years meticulously writing policies, procedures and evaluating operations.

CLC’s accreditation is good for four years, but the police department needs to re-certify annually, documenting that it is maintaining IACLEA standards, Guenther said.

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