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Only 30 days left to create your Team for the Ages, win great prizes

Pick your top modern-era roster today and enter to win a trip to the "Big Game"

Our Team for the Ages contest, giving NFL fans an opportunity to put together their roster of the best players of the modern era and win great daily, weekly and grand prizes, including an all-inclusive package to "The Big Game" in Atlanta next February, has 30 days left.

That's right: the voting closes on May 17, leaving you just 30 days to join thousands of entrants in assembling the best imaginable roster of NFL players since 1967. In addition to one lucky winner heading to Atlanta, two contestants will win $2,500 in cash and three participants will receive tailgater prize packages, including a Big Green Egg. And even if you get shut out of the big prizes, we're giving away all kinds of cool PFW swag, including a PFW North Face hoodie.

The Team for the Ages voting results thus far have been fascinating to say the least.

It's tough to imagine the NFL's top modern-era QB corps not including Brett Favre, but in a crowded field, the three-time league MVP and ironman at the position currently misses the cut. Packers fans, the time is now to start stuffing the ballot box to get Favre in the top three.

Another remarkably difficult position to pare down, inside linebacker, or the quarterbacks of the defense, currently includes Dick Butkus, Ray Lewis, and Mike Singletary. Bears fans, were you hoping for an all Chicago ILB corps? Get out and vote!

The top overall vote-getter just less than one month into the polling? Jerry Rice, with Walter Payton and Deion Sanders in hot pursuit. Rounding out the top 10 are Joe Greene, Barry Sanders and Reggie White.

And it's not just fans voting, either. We've assembled an expert panel of former players, coaches and executives, as well as some of the nation's top NFL writers, to construct their Team for the Ages. There's only one way to see how your squad stacks up against the experts!

So head to right now, put your GM cap on and help us celebrate PFW's golden anniversary by building your Team for the Ages. This is the kind of contest football junkies live for. Just don't miss out on this rare opportunity — vote now!

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