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Important life-safety projects

To the editor:

To the Gavin 37 community,

On Tuesday, March 20, the shareholders of Gavin School District 37 will have an opportunity to vote yes on a DSEB referendum that will fund important life-safety projects at both the South and Central campuses.

The Life Safety audit and Strategic Planning initiatives began last year as a means to develop a long-term facilities road map for the future.

The board recognized the need to meet the requirements for this audit, and approved this DSEB avenue in April 2017.

The referendum will not increase the amount of property taxes paid by a homeowner for the district’s debt service (principal and interest) payments.

The following projects are planned at the Central campus. A longer-lasting, lighter and more energy-efficient metal roof will replace the current asphalt shingles that have reached the end of their usable life and must be replaced when leaks occur. 

Replace chillers that air-condition the school that are over 20 years old; the cooling fans are damaged and they are not energy efficient. The digital control system that is being used to control the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning at Central is over 25 years old.

An update of this system would allow the district to achieve greater energy efficiency in the building. Finally, the asphalt will be replaced at the front entrance as decades of loading and unloading buses have caused detrimental deterioration.

The plans at the South campus include bringing AC to the 16 rooms that currently have none. The roof and the parking lot will also see important repairs. Asbestos abatement will be done in the hallways. In the gym, the doors and floor will be replaced and showers removed from the locker room. The electric panel and the boiler will also be replaced.

Shawna M Davis 

Lake Villa

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