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Kohn’s outreach helps in career advancement

On Sept. 15 Naval Station Great Lakes (NSGL) held a pinning ceremony for the FY-18 Chief Petty Officers. Of the 41 selectees pinned, ENC Jeff Kohn, has made an enormous impact on the local community and Neal Math and Science Academy (NMSA).

Kohn said that there were many factors that contributed to his selection as a chief, one them was working with Kelly O’Connor, a science teacher from NMSA.

“Working with the kids and the SeaPerch program has given me a better working knowledge of the great benefits a diverse group has to offer. Even kids have special talents and great ideas to offer, even to us ‘old set in our way Sailors,’” Kohn sad. “I also learned that kids these days have a much deeper understanding of how to leverage technology to their advantage than previous generations did.”

SeaPerch, an underwater robotics program, is just one of the various things Kohn did to give back to his community. He also has chaperoned field trips, participated in field days and many other school activities.

“Chief Kohn has been instrumental in the success of our after school SeaPerch program. He is responsible for recruiting and encouraging other Surface Warfare Officer School Unit (SWOSU) Sailors to join our crew,” O’Connor said. “With his and other Sailors participation, my students have developed an even deeper understanding of the design and engineering process. Having an expert and ‘real scientist’ as the kids say present has increased the validity and excitement level for my scholars.”

Kohn said that making chief is a dream come true and that is honored to be a part of the Chief’s Mess. O’Connor said she is grateful for the friendship and partnership NMSA has with SWOSU and, in particular, Kohn. “NMSA congratulates Chief Kohn on his very-deserved promotion.”

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