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Demolition of 200H, 68H now underway

On June 8 of last year, Brandenburg Industrial Service Company, Chicago, was awarded a $5.8M contract to demolish the former Naval Hospital, Bldg. 200H. This work includes the demolition of Bldg. 68H, attached underground tunnels, and the main parking lot, according to Lt. Joshua Carnahan, NSGL public works.
    Hazardous waste abatement is underway in the basement area with the primary hazards of concern being asbestos containing materials such as pipe lagging, old vinyl composition tile and mastic removal. Lead, from the sheeting in the old radiology and surgical suites, is another environmental concern. All abatement work is expected to be completed this spring.
    The construction of 200H is mostly structural steel with concrete floors and an exterior shell of brick and glass. The majority of the structure will be deconstructed using cranes with wrecking balls on the upper floors and heavy excavators with crushing attachments on the lower floors.
    Brandenburg expects to achieve over 60 percent recycling of all demolished materials. Demolition is scheduled to begin in June with completion by April of 2014.
    Of special interest is the proximity of the existing drug lab located in Bldg. 38H that has vibration sensitive equipment thus necessitating the frequent monitoring throughout the entire demolition phase of the project. Once the building has been demolished, the site will be restored to the natural grade with grass landscape and various planting of trees and natural shrubs.
    To support the on-going construction, the contractors have constructed a fence from Gate 3 to Bldg. 200H. This fence will be used to isolate the hospital during the construction activities. Access to Camp Barry will be from Gate 3 and not the Sampson Street Bridge.
    Bldg. 200H was completed as an 800-bed hospital in 1960 with 32 patients per ward. During the height of the Vietnam War, from 1969 to 1975, there were over 1,000 patients being treated at the facility.
    In 1971 an underground tunnel was constructed to move patients from the hospital to Bldg. 38H. This too will be demolished.
    Questions regarding this project should be directed to Lt. Joshua Carnahan, naval station assistant public works officer at 688-5395, ext. 233 or

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